Grey Spring Cleaning

Grey Spring Cleaning was created by a team of four during a game jam at the THM in Friedberg. The game is based on the given theme "grey spring". During the development of the game, I was responsible for the character controller and the interaction...

Hamster Breakout

Hamster Breakout was made during a university project by 2 programmers and 2 designers and it was the first game I worked on. The engine we used was provided and created by docents from our university. The game is a 2D pinball-ish game, where ...

The Lighthouse

Project duration: 2 weeks Team: 2 programmers + 2 designers + 2 audio producers

Yama & Hibagon

Project duration: 4 weeks Team: 2 programmers + 3 designers + 2 audio producers

Iron Grip

Project duration: 3 weeks Team: 3 programmers + 3 designers + 1 audio producer